ANEK-SUPERFAST ANEK-SUPERFAST is a joint venture between Attica Group (Superfast) and Anek Lines. The scope of this partnership is to provide passengers in Greece and abroad frequent connections between Italy ports (Venice, Bari, Ancona) and western Greece (Patras, Igoumenitsa and Corfu ports) through the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. Furthermore, every day connections are operated between Piraeus and Crete (Heraklion and Chania) twelve months per year.

In general terms, the seasonality is divided in three periods: The “low”, “shoulder” and “high” touristic periods define the pricing policy of ANEK-SUPERFAST as well as the density of the scheduled itineraries. Unlike other shipping companies, the ANEK-SUPERFAST itineraries are available for online ferry tickets searches and bookings way in advance, hence the team recommends you to purchase your tickets on time, especially in case you wish to travel from Italy to Greece mid-July and return mid-August (peak season). The fact that you are entitled to full refund in case you proceed with tickets cancellation at least fifteen days before ferry departure makes it a lot easier for you to book ferry tickets even months in advance.

“Youth” (from 13 to 25 years), “senior” (from 60 years) and family discounts up to 20% apply to all ANEK-SUPERFAST itineraries from Italy to Greece and vice versa. Nevertheless, the company informs all passengers that fuel surcharges are included in the ferry tickets price.

According to the policy of ANEK-SUPERFAST all passengers travelling from Italy to Greece and from Greece to Italy have to check in at the departure port, holding their valid ferry tickets and personal documents (ID card, passport). The boarding commences two hours before scheduled departure, so it is highly recommended to check in on time. The check in is a mandatory procedure, because it is then when the passengers receive their boarding card and cabin keys (according to their online booking). The check in takes place either at the central offices of the company or at the ANEK-SUPERFAST booths located at the Passenger Terminal. The check in process is concluded thirty minutes prior to ship departure.