Ferries to Spetses

Spetses is a lovely island close to Athens. Usually, the travelers whose main destination is Athens, and their vacations time is limited, they are proposed to go at least on a daily trip to Spetses or any other island of the Saronic Gulf (Egina, Hydra, Poros). Pedestrian alleys where cars are not allowed, romantic ambiance, beautiful beaches full of trees and gifted with clean blue waters, and above all the proximity to Athens, makes this island a top selection for locals and tourists.

Spetses role during the 19th century revolution of the Greeks against the Turks was significant. The ship owners of Spetses and Hydra participated with their fleet in significant battles. Nowadays, the history of this glorious island remains vivid through the museums that are located close to the port and are worth visiting: The “Bouboulina” museum (Bouboulina was a heroine of the Greek Revolution) houses old books, manuscripts, guns, portraits, ship models, letters and documents of historical importance in a 300 years old mansion. The museum of Spetses hosts its collection of antiquities in a magnificent mansion. In case you plan on visiting Athens during September, we recommend you to join the “Armata” festivities at Spetses. The festivities are weekly. The program includes concerts, traditional dances and culminates with the simulation of a ship burning in memory of the defeat of the Turkish fleet by the Greeks on September 8, 1822. Of course, pre-booking is a must.

Embark on a hydrofoil (“Flying Dolphin”) or catamaran (“Flying Cat”) of the ferry company “Hellenic Seaways and reach in two hours the picturesque port/city of Spetses (daily scheduled departures from Piraeus/Gate E8). The cheapest ferry ticket by speed boat costs 35 euros per passenger, per way unless you are entitled to special discounts (e.g., infant, child).  

Start exploring the island from one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece which is located on the right side of the old harbor. We recommend you to book a luxurious villa at Dapia, or a decent apartment at Casteli. Although cars are not permitted in the historic center of Spetses, you may rent a bicycle, or a motorbike, or even a carriage for a romantic night out with your significant other. Well-organized paths lead you (on foot) through the pines forest to the upper part of the island where you may enjoy the view to the Saronic Gulf.

Most of the beaches are accessible by motorbike or taxi boat. Apart from “Vrellos” or “Paradise”, and “Zogeria” beaches which are calm and remote the rest of them offer various facilities (beach bars, cafes, restaurants, umbrellas). “Agia Marina” is the most popular beach because it is accessible even on foot (2 kilometers away from Dapia). “Agioi Anargiri” and “Agia Paraskevi” are a perfect option for those wishing to relax under the trees or seek for the joys of watersport games. “Kaiki” beach which was named after the notorious beach bar located there is another recommended option for those who would like to start their day with relaxing music, followed by the party mood until late afternoon.

Spetses offers history, tradition, culture, cosmopolitan beaches and beautiful landscapes. So we propose you to book cheap ferry tickets to Spetses. You will surely enjoy your vacations there.