Ferries to Skopelos

Sporades islands are close to Pelion Mountain and the city of Volos. Skopelos, Skiathos, Alonisos and Skyros constitute the Sporades group. Although Skiathos is more famous for its intense nightlife and Alonisos for the sea park where a unique species of Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) is protected, Skopelos has caught lately the travelers’ attention worldwide due to the fact that the Hollywood production of the musical “Mamma mia” took place. 
Skopelos has two ports. The main port is located at the capital of the island and the second is at “Glossa”, a picturesque village full of trees, worth not only visiting but also staying there. During high season there is a chance that the hydrofoil reaches “Agnontas” a smaller port close to the capital, from where mostly local itineraries take place to the rest of the Sporades islands. Daily scheduled itineraries to Skopelos depart from “Agios Constantinos” and “Volos” respectively. The distance between Athens and these ports is about four hours, whereas the travel time between these ports and Skopelos is three to four hours (depending on the type of vessel, and the point of origin). Ferry tickets start from 38 euros (ferry boat) and 49,50 euros (catamaran).  
One could say that the Sporades islands have the same morphology as Pelion Mountain, thus rich vegetation, mild temperatures, tall pine trees and crystal waters in green and turquoise colors. The beaches are pebbled and easy to access (the public bus transportation is frequent, economic and reliable). We suggest you to swim and relax at Stafilos, Limnonari, Agnontas, Panormos, Perivoliou, Hovolo, Kastani, Velanio and Milia beaches. In Skopelos you will be able to enjoy secluded and tranquil bays, nudist friendly beaches, and ideal places to swim in case you are travelling with family (umbrellas, cafes) or with your friends (beach bars). 
Even the houses of Skopelos maintain the architectural vibe of Pelion Mountain, so although the buildings are whitewashed like in the Cyclades islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros etc.), the roofs, doors and windows instead of being painted in the traditionally blue color of insular origin, they are in brown and green, as if the locals would like to emphasize on their singularity among the rest of the Aegean Sea islands. We suggest you to stroll along the narrow alleys of the capital, visit the local folklore museum (the exhibition is comprised by traditional bridal costumes, portraits, and elegant furniture provided to the museum by distinguished local families). You may complete your walking experience in the capital by savoring the famous local cheese pie (warning: the portions of the cheese pie dishes are quite big and tasty)
We recommend you to visit some of the monasteries located at the mountainsides outside the capital. The natural and architectural beauty, the awe inspiring view towards the blue sea and the green mountains will surely amaze you. Last but not least you may visit the scenic church of Saint John (Agios Ioannis). The church stands on the top of a huge rock. Although it requires stamina to climb the many stairs of the rock, the view will compensate you. 
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