Ferries to Skiathos

Skiathos is one of the Sporades group, close to central Greece (Pelion Mountain). It is known for the idyllic landscape and cool temperatures due to the fact that most of the island is covered by dense forest. The sandy beaches of Skiathos provide an excellent opportunity for swimming, sun bathing, but also participating in sports activities and indulging in endless beach parties. Skiathos can only be combined with the rest of the Sporades islands (Skopelos, Alonisos and Skyros) through daily high speed or ferry boat itineraries. 
Ships to Skiathos depart from two ports in central Greece: Agios Constantinos and Volos. Due to the popularity of the Sporades islands Hellenic Seaways and A.N.E.S. ferry companies have planned every day departures (Hellenic Seaways: The catamaran Flying Cat 5 departs from Agios Constantinos and Volos. Also, the ferry boats Apollon Hellas and Express Skiathos depart from Agios Constantinos and Volos respectively/A.N.E.S.: The ferry boat Proteas departs from Volos).    The ferry tickets prices commence from 20,80 euros for the ferry boats and 37,50 euros for the catamarans (depending on the point of departure). In case you wish to visit Skiathos, bear in mind that the distance between the ports of departure and Athens is about three hours by car. Of course, there are every day scheduled bus itineraries from Athens to Agios Constantinos and Volos. Usually, the public bus transportation is relevant to the ships departures to the islands. Skiathos has one main port which is also the capital (Chora) of the island. 
The town/capital of Skiathos is picturesque and traditional, with stone paved alleys and white washed houses with wooden windows and doors painted in vivid colors. Skiathos is also known for its notorious parties at the beaches and nightlife. You may start your evening calmly with a refreshing cocktail at one of the lounge bars of the city center and then dance until dawn at the clubs which are located right outside the main settlement. 
“Koukounaries” and “Banana” beaches have the most vivid atmosphere due to the popular beach bars and the sports facilities. Most of the beaches in Skiathos are sandy with transparent water in blue and green nuances, and surrounded by tall pine trees. The scenery is equally idyllic, yet more calm and secluded at “Kastro” and “Mikros Asselinos” beaches. We also recommend you to swim at “Achladies”, “Xenia” and “Troulos” beaches. Last but not least, take the local boat to “Lalaria” beach, which is a truly memorable experience. This beach is only accessible through sea. It is a wonder of nature: White pebbles and equally white huge rocks combined with turquoise water, a place far away from the organized beaches and the noisy beach bars, which offers you the opportunity to admire the natural beauty and to swim in exotic waters! 
Whatever your eating habits are, you will be satisfied by the local cuisine. In Skiathos you will have the chance to taste fresh fish, delicious local cheese pie, “kakavia” (a soup with potatoes, onion, a mix of fresh fish, lemon juice and olive oil) and “amigdalota” (a light pastry made of almonds, rose water, sugar and eggs). 
A trip to Skiathos means vacations with fun, and relaxing at the most beautiful beaches of central Greece. Take advantage of the offers provided by the ferry companies travelling to Skiathos, book cheap ferry tickets and get ready to explore the Sporades group of islands!