Ferries to Poros

Poros is a small island very close to Athens. The daily itineraries from Piraeus and the proximity to the rest of the Saronic Gulf islands make Poros an ideal destination for those wishing to combine their city break with a short trip to the Greek islands. 
The hydrofoils and catamarans of Hellenic Seaways depart from the Gate E8 of Piraeus port and reach Poros in one hour. You are able to select among five scheduled departures approximately in accordance with your vacations plans. A trip to Poros can be easily combined with daily excursions to the cosmopolitan Hydra, Spetses, Egina, even the east coastline of Peloponnese (Hermioni and Porto Heli). The ferry tickets to Poros start from 22,50 euros per passenger. 
The main port and capital of the island is scenic, thus an excellent option for your accommodation. Start your exploration of the island from the Clock which was built in 1927 and is visible from all parts of Poros. The Clock proudly represents the island’s landmark. Many of the old mansions which demonstrate the illustrious past of Poros have been renovated and host museums, cafes and restaurants. Enjoy your walk along the dock and the romantic alleys, have a few drinks before calling it a day, because you won’t want to miss your morning swimming, neither your relaxed moments under the trees of the beach offering their protective shadow to the visitors and letting them cherish the sea breeze in a hot summer day.  
Dive into the blue waters of Kanali, Askeli, Vagionia and Monastiri. These beaches are sandy and organized (restaurants, umbrellas, cafes etc.) Visit the Russian Bay or Russian Dockyard, a beach which combines history with beautiful surrounding and calm, almost transparent waters. These ruins used to be warehouses build by the Russians who were helping the Greek revolution against the Ottoman Empire. The Love’s Bay is also a recommended beach for swimming. Its romantic name is not a random choice. Indeed, this beach, full of trees and tranquility is what a couple needs for idyllic moments, so why not go there for a night swim?  All these beaches are easily accessible either on foot, or by boat. 
Last but not least, don’t miss the chance to go on excursion by boat to Galatas (Peloponnese) where the famous and protected by the European Union Lemon Forest (“lemonodasos”) is located. The distance from Poros is only five minutes and it provides you with a chance to explore more beautiful beaches situated at the coastline of Peloponnese. 
It is quite a privilege being able to combine a trip to a city with summer vacations to exquisite islands, so take advantage of this opportunity, book cheap ferry tickets to Poros.