Ferries to Lesvos

Lesvos (aka Mytilene) is one of the few islands combining beautiful coastlines with impressive mountain landscapes. Lesvos is the third biggest island of Greece, with so many sights to display, therefore once you decide to spend your vacations there, bear in mind that you will need at least five days to check out the main attractions, and you definitely need a car to do so.  
Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways are the main ferry companies travelling from Piraeus to Lesvos (with an intermediate stop at Chios). The ferry boats of these companies are modern and equipped with all facilities needed to travel in comfort (cabins for couples, families, couchettes, restaurants, cafes, shops etc.). The estimated travel time to Lesvos is eleven hours, so you might better consider traveling during night so that you reach Lesvos early in the next morning (instead of spending your daytime on board). Some of the itineraries depart from Piraeus at 21:00. The first impression of the traveler as soon as the ship enters the island’s harbor is beyond any doubt unforgettable. The capital of Lesvos is in front of you. Nevertheless what captivates the eye is the magnificent cupola of the church dedicated to the protector saint of Lesvos, “Agios Therapon”. 
Lesvos has a rich cultural activity and monuments of significant importance (churches, castles, museums, monasteries, the Petrified Forest at the Natural History Museum of the island etc.) In a hot summer day instead of going directly to the beach, visit “Agiasos” the traditional town located at the slopes of mount Olympos. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding this picturesque village. Stone paved alleys lead you to the center of the village where you may relax and enjoy your coffee followed by a local pastry. Don’t skip a visit to Molyvos, the city enclosed in a majestic castle. All buildings of Molyvos including the well preserved castle are in dark color thanks to the local volcanic stone which has been used as the main constructing material. We could also recommend a day trip to the Turkish coastline and more precisely, to Ayvalik, but there is so much to see and do in Lesvos that one visit simply is not enough. 
The island is also famous for its local delicacies: Ouzo and sardines cooked in a traditional way which almost reminds us of sushi are worth tasting. The local cheese, yoghourt and dairy products are also exceptional although you might find them rather fatty. 
Lesvos has been named after the female poet of Ancient Greece, Sappho, who was famous for her homosexuality. Nowadays, the island hosts the International Women’s Festival each summer at Eresos beach, a lively place with elegant cafes and restaurants along the sandy coastline and many sports facilities. We also suggest you to swim at Vatera and Eftalou beaches, or at the beach of Molyvos and Petra villages. Don’t miss the chance to spend at least one day in the capital of the island so that you are able to admire the unique architecture of the mansions located behind the castle, and along the coastline between the airport and the city center, or spend a romantic evening at “Sikaminia” village, or have a gourmet experience at “Plomari” village, the hometown of the most famous ouzo local brand. 
Extra tip: Lesvos villages are usually divided in the upper town, situated on a mountain’s cliff (winter resort of the locals), and a coastal village with a small picturesque port a few kilometers away (that’s where the locals move for the summer). 
Have we convinced you to spend your next vacations at Lesvos? If so, book as cheap ferry tickets to Lesvos as possible and indulge in a fantastic experience.