Ferries to Hydra

Hydra is one of the most popular islands of the Saronic Gulf. Traditionally tiled alleys lead to the interior part of the capital which is the only village of this small island. You may explore Hydra on foot as car and motorcycle transportation is prohibited. Transportation needs are served by donkeys which you can find mainly at the port. Impressive mansions built amphitheatrically are a clear demonstration of Hydra’s glorious past and present. 
The port is located at the capital of the island. Multiple daily itineraries of Hellenic Seaways hydrofoils and catamarans connect Piraeus to Hydra. The estimated time of travel is about one hour and thirty minutes, depending on the intermediate stops. Arranging a day trip from Athens to Hydra is very easy because of the proximity and the convenient scheduled itineraries. Additionally, in case you plan to spend at least three days at the Saronic Gulf islands you may book cheap ferry tickets for day trips to Poros, Spetses, even the eastern coast of Peloponnese, Ermioni and Porto Heli. 
Many of the mansions which used to belong to local ship-owners currently operate as museums and hotels. We recommend you to dedicate a few hours to visit the “Hydra Museum Historical Archives” (ΙΑΜΥ) which was founded in 1918. Hydra offers a variety of leisure activities to its visitors: Swimming at “Hydronetta”, “Kamini”, “Mandraki” or “Vlycho” (transportation by boat), trekking along the marked paths (e.g., from “Kastraki” to “Kastro”, “Saint Nicolas” path etc.) which provides an excellent opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna, the 16th century castles and monasteries and be dazzled by the magnificent view. The mild climate during May, June and September are ideal for strolling through the paths of Hydra. 
Yachts arriving every day at the port of the island, are contributing to its cosmopolitan character cultivated since the 60s when major Hollywood movie productions, inspired by the amazing landscape of Hydra, took place (e.g., “Boy on a dolphin” starring Sophia Loren). Bars, cafes and elegant gourmet restaurants keep the refined ambiance of the island vivid. Besides that, Hydra has always been a beloved destination for many artists, so no wonder that many artistic expositions take place especially during summer season.
So why not spending a day at Hydra? Book your ferry tickets on euroferries.com and enjoy your trip to an island which although small, combines history, glamour, wild nightlife and natural activities.