Ferries to Aegina

Aegina is a popular destination especially among the Athenians due to the island’s proximity to the city. The capital of the island is enriched with a Venetian architectural character thanks to the traditional mansions which nowadays host cafes, bars and chic restaurants, where fresh fish and local delicacies (i.e. pesto made of pistachio) are proposed to the guests. During your stay in Aegina you are welcome to visit the Archeological museum, as well as the Historical & Folklore, and the “Governor Kapodistrias” museums.

The town can be very busy during peak season, so we recommend you to spend a quiet evening at Perdika village nearby or prepare yourself for an excursion to the wonderful ancient temple of Aphaea (aka Aphaia, or Afea) at Agia Marina. In fact, Aphea temple forms a perfect triangle with Parthenon (Athens Acropolis) and Poseidon temple at Sounio. Palaiochora is also quite close offering the chance to visit its amazing churches, two monasteries and a medieval Castle. Take a refreshing dive at Agia Marina beach or at Perdika’s serene waters.   

Aegina offers a unique opportunity to visit an island close to Athens even for one day. Everyday scheduled departures of hydrofoils and ferry boats take place from Piraeus port (Gate E8). Travelers who unfortunately have only one day to spare, will at least have the chance to swim, enjoy the local antiquities and taste exquisite food. Visitors who have more days to spend may also hop on hop off the rest of the Saronic gulf islands, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, even go to the picturesque coastline of eastern Peloponnese (Porto Heli and Ermioni), as frequent connections are scheduled every summer by ANES Lines and Hellenic Seaways between all these destinations. Check the ferry prices and timetable on euroferries.com. Once you book your tickets, make sure you follow all useful guidelines provided online. (i.e. to arrive at the port at least one hour prior to ship departure, holding your tickets which are exclusively available in paper form).

The estimated time of travel from Piraeus to Aegina by hydrofoil is 40 minutes. It takes one hour and fifteen minutes to get to Aegina by ferry boat. Aegina has two ports. The main is located at the capital of the island and the second is at Souvala village.