Ferries to Chania

Chania is located at the north-west part of Crete, and figures among the top Greek destinations. The city is well preserved with numerous buildings in traditional Venetian architecture, combining Greek orthodox, Jewish and Ottoman religious monuments, which demonstrate the rich history of the city and its multi-culture ambiance.

Anek-Superfast ships depart every day from Piraeus (Gate E3) at 21:00 or 22:00. Elyros and Kriti II vessels arrive in Souda port on the next day at 06:00 (estimated time of travel 8 hours). The distance between Souda port and Chania downtown is about 15 minutes (depending on traffic) by car. Usually, during peak season the company schedules morning departures from Piraeus (arrival to Chania same day). In such case you may consult euroferries.com to book in advance your ferry tickets to Chania.   

Chania district is the most attractive to visitors due to the endless beaches, the astonishing gorges, the snowcapped (usually until spring) mountains and the traditional villages. In case you spend your summer days in Chania you may descend the Samaria gorge. This gorge encloses and preserves a variety of flora and fauna. Luckily, the Cretan experts have depicted all important info worth known, and they have made all necessary arrangements so that the descent is safe, well organized and stunning. Extra bonus: After a six hours descent the beach is waiting for you to take an exhilarating dive! Then, you are transferred by ferry boat to Sfakia, a traditional village worth visiting, to catch the bus to Chania. This one in a lifetime experience, although exhausting, will bring you close to the rich nature and awe inspiring landscapes of Crete. We also recommend you to swim at the exotic beaches of Balos and Phalasarna, taste local delicious food at Chania and if you are lucky, to attend a traditional Cretan wedding party. The hospitable locals usually invite about 1.000 guests in the hopes that nobody among the villagers will be offended neither neglected.

The most attractive beaches lie at the south part of the island. However, the northern coastline is closer to Chania and offers plenty of fun activities like sailing, diving, scuba diving, spending time at a water park, even horse riding. No matter what, don’t skip a day tour to the notorious Elafonissi. Besides the fact that the route is scenic, the final destination will leave you simply amazed. Elafonissi is gifted with sands in white and pink colorings. The turquoise waters flow between perfectly shaped dunes, forming tiny lagoons ideal for beach games, selfies, and pure admiration for the nature’s wonders.

Back in Chania take a day or two to relax so that you are able to enjoy the wild nightlife. Start your evening with a couple of cocktails in what used to be a Venetian mansion. The imagination of the local architects has turned some of these magnificent ruins into open air bars, with fine decoration and respect toward the initial style of the building. The party goes on until early in the morning at the city’s clubs located a few kilometers away so that disturbance is not caused to the inhabitants and the travelers who don’t intend to stay up late.  

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